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Our efforts towards helping these families would not be possible without your continued support and generosity. We strive to improve the lives of each and every person that we encounter in unfavorable circumstances. It means a lot to the children and especially families that we can help them in such an enormous way.  


Artwork by our Sponsee 

Community Readiness Events 2024


On the first day of the war, my father woke us up with the words that the war had begun and we had to leave quickly. We were shocked. To go to an unknown place, leaving your home, leaving your mother and relatives, it was difficult and we were desperate. 


Saying goodbye to my family was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. We've gathered the essentials. I remember that day as if it were yesterday. This pain from that day affects me from time to time. 


Since I am an artist, I tried to ease my pain through paintings. I wanted to convey the pain and suffering of our people in them. The road to Turkey was very difficult, but I am immensely grateful to the volunteers who helped us, volunteers from Slovakia and Poland. 


When I came to Turkey, I tried to help our country, Ukraine, as much as possible. I didn't just want to donate, because it would be a small amount, given that money was scarce. I wanted to help with my talent. I bought canvases and paint and took part in charity events to help our country. 


My stay in Turkey is coming to an end and I need to go back to Ukraine, but I understand that I have nowhere to live in Ukraine. I am alone with my 2 children, my ex-husband found another woman in Ukraine and this led to our divorce. 


I'm a fitness trainer, an artist, I can teach people how to skateboard, and I'm willing to work and learn. My parents are believers and I grew up in a religious family. As a child, I was taught to help others in any way we can, and I did. I have a dream for which I have tried so hard to realize. I want to do charity, help children around the world, teach my children to do good so that all children are healthy and happy and there is no war in the world. 


At the moment, I don't have a home in my home country where I can return with my children. 


I understand that I am in a difficult situation and that I have problems with housing, but I am ready to help and learn. And I will be grateful for any help. -Kate

"Our hope is that you continue flourishing physically, emotionally, and spiritually."

Our logo represents the families we help.
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