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Ligonde Emmanuel Raphael; co-founder, Co-CEO, director of spiritual services , and president and living at the epicenter of poverty and violence works as a priest helps to alleviate some of the pressure put on religious organizations and non- profit organizations in the area to save victims of economic injustice. He firmly believes that if the government steps in and implements regulations that protect the rights of marginalized groups of Haitian descent living in and visiting the Dominican Republic then real change can be made. He has seen much improvement with human rights violations whenever government officials step in, and feels as though his work within the churches and providing rations is not enough to combat the enormous amount of poverty within these communities and shanty towns. His passion is in highlighting the further work that needs to be done to improve the circumstances of the most vulnerable groups after children.

Rivly Breus; Co-founder and director of operations graduated with a degree in public health at NOVA Southeastern University. She is a mental health counselor, advocate and activist. Her penchant for helping those in need has given her the privilege of working with many individuals from various backgrounds. The wisdom that she can impart on others comes from her willingness to pay it forward, anything that she learns to make life less stressful she is always willing to share with others. She has a diverse background extending from social work to fundraising. Upon obtaining her doctoral degree in Education, she will parlay her experiences into education based initiatives where she can share her knowledge with everyone. 

Suleika Maldonado; board member, and paraprofessional graduated with a bachelor's degree in sociology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Florida International University. In addition she holds a Master's degree in Criminal Justice from Suffolk University. She laments how within her career it has been a truly rewarding experience to study in different regions. She has learned so much about herself and the people around her. She wants to further her work in the criminal justice field and educational system to promote child/youth advocacy. She is committed to social justice, arts, fitness, education and strives to continue growing personally and professionally. 

John Kariuki King’ori; board member, teacher, and scholar graduated from Karatina University with a Bachelor’s in Science Education and Kenyatta University with a Masters in Applied Mathematics. His background in teaching has culminated in him becoming a humble and patriotic country man whose ambition is to search for knowledge and pass it to other citizens of the world. His primary mission is to be the leading professional service provider in academia and management. His vision is to empower and meet client needs amicably and his core values include loyalty, optimism, integrity, charisma, and hard work. 

Amber Raymond; board member, social worker, and disaster recovery specialist with a bachelor’s degree from Florida A & M University brings a wealth of diversity and information given her experiences responding to emergencies. Her impeccable people skills and desire to connect with others has presented many opportunities to her ranging from mobilization and advocacy to teaching and leadership. Amber always leads an assignment or project with optimism and hope even in the most dire situations. She has made it possible for our clients to get connected to the services and resources they need the most. 

Maria Cara; board member, musician, music teacher, and artist who’s  greatest passion is to teach music to neurodivergent and gifted individuals is not only a singer/songwriter but a talented multi-instrumentalist. She has written over 100 songs, many that have been streamed worldwide. Despite having been knocked down so many times by life circumstances and by people who have not been  nice shebelieves in a  Higher Power that used the hard times in her life to strengthen her character and make her who she is today. Having been given the opportunity to teach and mentor students in music is something that is close to her heart. She is motivated to help people reach their full potential in addition to being inspired by her musical family. 

Our logo represents the families we help.
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